06 August 2011

Amazing Face

After much ado, I have finally purchased Amazing Face by the beloved Zoë Foster. Yay!

The aforementioned ado refers to the fact that Zoë's book is incredibly popular and has been sold out at my local (and most favourite) book shop for weeks now. It seems everyone wants a piece of Zoë, to steal all her insider knowledge and replicate her amazingly perfect face. I'm very excited to read it and hopefully my woeful make up application improves.

In other news, I am a little bit annoyed at Zoë at the moment. She has a picture of Grug on her blog, clearly indicating that if you click on it, you will be lead to some Grug-related site. But it is, in fact, a vicious lie. Heart breaking stuff.

Miranda x

1 comment:

  1. Typical. The very next day after I purchase Amazing Face from K-Mart, my little local book store calls me and tells me my order is in. That's what I get for betraying my book store.