15 August 2011

Ladies Lunching and Shoppers Shopping. Also, free Clinique gifts!

After a delicious lunch with my lovely lady friends last week, we went on a (relatively) short shopping spree. They are terrific companions, but rotten financial advisors. I can’t blame the poor things, though, I’ve got a terrible spending addiction and there’s just no stopping me.

Having run out of my beloved Super Balanced foundation by Clinique, we toddled off to the Clinique counter at Myer. Much to my delight, the free gift promotion had started! Spend $60 and received a free gift valued at $249… fabulous!

This should give me a lot of great Clinique products to test out over the coming weeks. I’ve always felt a very strong affinity towards Clinique; it was one of the first brands I first pilfered from my older sister. A taupe eye shadow palette, to be exact. It was this swiping from big sis that sparked my love affair with make up and beauty products, and thus my allegiance to Clinique was born!

After purchasing my new foundation, I selected out a cleanser, or ‘liquid facial soap,’ to get me over the $60 line. For just $78 this was my haul of free Clinique goodies:

And now onto the undies. The make up undies, that is.

I’ve been using Clinique’s Super balanced foundation on and off for two years now. Clinique says “The smart makeup. Liquid foundation with adjustable, oil-free coverage provides moisture and absorbs oil when and where needed.” I tend to agree. It’s a great summary, really.

This foundation is suitable for all skin types. If you’re unsure about what foundation to buy, have no idea what your skin type is or want a foundation that does everything then I’d go for gold and purchase this one. My skin has always had a tendency towards dryness but I have an oily t-zone: across my forehead, down my nose and onto my chin. The super balanced foundation provides much needed moisture (of the oily variety, as opposed to the water type) to my cheeks while controlling the oil in my t-zone.

It does a great job of keeping my skin clear and shine-free until about 3pm at which point tell tale oil appears on my cheeks. This is pretty great considering I apply at around 6:30 am. It means the foundation is doing its job. My cheeks also benefit from this smart foundation. They don’t dry out or go all gross and flaky.

If I avoid touching my face and sweating too much, the foundation will stay in place well into the afternoon. However, since I spend approximately 50% of the day with my hands on my face, that’s out the window. Never fear, if I’ve got a long day ahead of me, I prep with primer and set with bronzer, blush or pressed powder. I then carry my powder with me and on the way from uni to work, I use the sponge to dab a small amount on any shiny areas. This lasts me until I get home from work, usually 10:30.

I have a friend who carries her little Maybelline mineral foundation powder brush with her (the one below), and swirls it, sans makeup, over any oily areas of her face come 3 pm. So if you have combination or oily skin like myself, you could try that.

It provides almost-full coverage, evening out skin tone and hiding most blemishes, but still light weight and sheer enough to look natural with my freckles still visible. The texture of the foundation is silky smooth with a barely-there, dewy fresh finish.

I rate this product ★★★★★ and can’t see myself switching foundation allegiances for a very long time.

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