26 August 2011

H&M Love

That H&M's online store does not allow international delivery is a blessing in disguise. For my wallet, anyway. But not my wardrobe. And not my sanity, either.

It's a crime that high quality, up to the minute fashion at such affordable prices is available elsewhere in the world but not Down Under. After 8 months back in Oz, I'm still a subscriber to H&M's fashion update e-mails and I just can't bring myself to click that unsubscribe button. The newsletters come complete with discounts and special offers, such as 25% off. The last two have me lusting after a few basic items that would make great staple pieces and translate easily into a number of outfits and occassions.

Like this jumper, for one:
How cute would it look with jeans? In fact, the exact outfit shown here. And the best part is, it's only 12.99 pounds. I also love these:

Or this handbag:
I've got a serious problem with oversize handbags, in that I'm addicted to them. Each time I buy a handbag it's larger than the last. I just don't feel secure if I don't have the World's Largest Handbag containing approximately 50% of the items from my bedroom. It seems like this bag would have enough room to calm any anxieties I could possibly ever have about leaving things behind.
Not altogether unlike the versions available in Australia, these ballet flats are super cute and super cheap. You could buy a pair in every colour if you so desired!

I love coats. Somewhere along the way from teenager to adult, I developed poor circulation and zero tolerance for the cold, so I've been wearing my thick woollen coat since about May. I get a lot of use out of them, so it's good to have a few. One of the main things I love about H&M is that they provide a range of pieces, like these coats, suitable for any budget, meaning you can afford to update your staples every year, if you so desire.

So. Show H&M some lovin' and let them know they're wanted in the Land of Oz!! Do it for your wardrobe's sake, if not your own. Or even my sake.

Miranda x

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