20 August 2011

In denial about your shopping addiction? Me too.

It's a long running joke between my best friends, my boyfriend and I that I have a shopping addiction. Liana, one of the aforementioned best friends, tells me I'm all about the instant gratification and that it’s a sign of immaturity. I don't even know what that means. My boyfriend hassles me about any new purchases and says I should save more. I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be saving for, so why not spend? "Did you really need that?" he says. Of course I did! What a ridiculous question. How on Earth could one go through life without a black tutu or jeans that are purposely ripped and two sizes too big? Absurd.

Last week I placed an order on asos for a pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of knee high socks. Over the weekend, I received a tutu I'd ordered online in the mail. On Tuesday I purchased an oversize envelope clutch from Colette. On Wednesday I arrived home to an extensive range of body shop products delivered to my doorstep. And today, the icing on the cake, my asos order arrived AND I spent $280 dollars on Topshop's online store.

You see, Topshop had these SUPER cute bikini bottoms for only £3, and the even cuter matching top was only £8! I had to buy it! Surely it would have been criminal not to? But delivery to Australia was £10. That's extortion, really, when you think about it. That's when I noticed the flickering banner at the top of the page. "Free worldwide delivery on orders over £75." It made sense to go all out and buy 75 quid worth of stuff. ‘It's a financial investment!’ I told myself and will undoubtedly tell my boyfriend when the package arrives. What's a measly 75 pounds, anyway? Until you remember that you’re a typical flat broke student, pouring beers for minimum wage and that’s actually quite a big chunk of your pay packet. Never mind. I picked out a few extra bikinis, cami’s and tank tops to get me over the line. Only £75 turned into £197. Only, £197 pounds does not equal $197 Australian. But I got a 10% discount with a promo code and free delivery. That makes it completely logical, right...?

$280 later and I’ve come to terms with the fact I have a shopping addiction. I just can’t help myself! You could say that I love the instant gratification of shopping. I even love the delayed gratification of online shopping, when a package arrives in the mail 10 days later. The suspense is exciting; you never know exactly when it’s going to arrive. And when it does, you get to try on all your new purchases and incorporate them into your wardrobe by deciding what existing items go with the new ones. (At this point I usually think “suede pumps would really go with this outfit” or “This would look cute with a new knit cardi” and proceed to start shopping for pieces to go with what I’ve just bought…)

Making a purchase online instills a sense of peace and calm in me, allowing me to move onto other tasks rather than procrastinating. I sound like a debit-card-toting junkie, I know. I’ve come to terms with the fact that that’s exactly what I am! On the bright side, I'll have lots of new prodz and items to show you all over the coming days! Stay tuned.

Miranda x


  1. Thanks for joining the blog hop! I say enjoy your addiction whilst you can. I was the same...I subscribed to all the sale emails (brandsexclusive etc) and there were so many times when it was virtually criminal not buy the seeding deals...then there was the waiting for the parcels, the surprises when oar els arrive that I had already forgotten about! There will come a time in your life (unfortunately I'm there now) where you can no longer be selfish with your money, where there are too many responsibilities to pay for first and you become the last person in your family that you spend on!

  2. You could definitely say I'm making the most of it while it lasts! And I think I've got a few more years left of enjoying my guilt-free shopping before I settle down and have a family :)

  3. You sounds exactly like shopaholic in this post ha. I was reading one of the shopaholic books and she bought a cardi, and then she had to go out and get lilac sandles, of course. They were on special so she got them in clementine too ha.

  4. Haha Li, I do sound a bit like her, don't I? I should read those books, maybe she'd have a few suggestions for me!