19 August 2011

Topshop is coming to Oz!

This is great news! Topshop is a UK high street fashion store, retailing brave and bold takes on current haute couture and catwalk trends at an affordable price. Vogue conveyed the news to me here, announcing that Topshop will open at the Jam Factory on Melbourne's Chapel Street in December. Next Athleisure have secured exclusive franchise rights for Topshop's Australian stores.

One of the major concerns raised by Northern Hemisphere retailers considering the move down under is the seasonal variation. Hilton Seskin, chairman of Next Athleisure, comments that, “The youth market is more focused on what’s in fashion, not really on what’s warm. If there needs to be some development in seasonal offerings, then we will look into it.”

Although not as cheap as other retailers such as H&M, Republic or Next; Topshop caters for a much wider market than most. Offering clothing to suit any style, whether it is punk, prim and proper, casual or cutesy, Topshop are a favourite amongst a wide range of shoppers.

Whilst living in the UK, I favoured Topshop for statement pieces and accessories. It’s also a winner with a wide range of super cute, up to the minute lingerie. I also had my eye on a few worth-the-splurge basics, like coats and blazers, but as Winter rolled in I was heading home to the Australian summer and just didn’t have room for a bulky coat in my suitcase. How exciting that I will now be able to update my wardrobe with Topshop's fabulous pieces without leaving my own backyard (read: country!)

Miranda x

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