28 September 2011

Blue Sheep

Lately we've seen a ream of fun, audacious and unusual nail looks on our laptop screens. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and embrace the 'black sheep' manicure. This is where you paint 1 finger on each hand a different colour to the rest of your nails. Often the ring or pinky fingers are chosen as the black sheep, but the index finger is common too.

I painted most of my nails with OPI's Honk If You Love OPI. My ring fingers were my black sheep, or in this case- blue, and used Dior's Vernis nail lacquer in 908 tuxedo on these shades. These are both new polishes, which I purchased here.

This technique is also referred to as a two tone manicure, but I find this can be confusing and prefer to leave that term to describe when you have two different shades of polish on the same nail. Here are some celebs rocking a black sheep mani:

Miranda x

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