20 September 2011

The Lightening Touch Concealer

It’s rare that you can find prodz to suit your skin colour without having matched them prior to purchase. Surely doing so is an urban myth? Well, I hit the jackpot with The Body Shop’s Lightening Touch concealer pen.

But, I hear you ask, why would I even bother to purchase concealer without first testing it? Well… (here she goes again) I was recently the host of a Body Shop Party. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s basically the same concept as a Tupperware party, only with the Body Shop’s good-enough-to-eat products instead!
The consultant gives a demonstration of each product on all of the guests and then afterwards, there’s time to browse through the catalogues, selecting products while sipping champagne and munching on carrot sticks.

Among other things (lots of other things), I picked up the Lightening Touch concealer pen. It’s one of the clicky-windy varieties and has a little brush on the end. The Body Shop says “A ‘magic wand’ full of light diffusing particles that disguises dark shadows and imperfections while instantly brightening the skin… [and will] minimize fine lines and dark shadows.”

The concealer does a somewhat admirable job of covering my blemishes. Where it’s best used, though, is under the eyes. Just wind up the pen, dot it along around the eyes, over any dark spots, paying particular attention to the corners of the eyes. Next use a dabbing motion with your finger to blend it all in (no rubbing!). You can use the brush attached for blending, but I find it spreads the product too much and prefer to use my finger. It’s brightens up the eye area while being the perfect shade. The lightening and brightening aspect doesn’t come from using a product that is a shade too light, a trap that many commonly fall for.

I apply my foundation first and then follow up with concealer over any blemishes, as I mentioned here. The beauty-guru Zoë Foster so aptly described this as foundation being the undies and concealer as the clothes. This way, I use a lot less of both products; my foundation does a near perfect job of covering up uneven skin tone, most blemishes and dark spots. If I follow with concealer, all I need is a dab here and there. However, if I apply my concealer first, I use a lot more product because I’m trying to cover up every single blemish on my face and all the uneven skin tone and all of my hard work concealing is swept away with a single swipe of the foundation brush. Try it this way, if you haven't already, and see how you find it. For me, the key is to leave your foundation for a minute or so before coming back to concealer.

As mentioned, The Body Shop Lightening Touch concealer wand is most effective as an under-eye brightening concealer, delivering excellent results every time. Its ability to cover imperfections, blemishes and uneven skin tone, however, is a little lower than optimal. It disguises most imperfections well but does not completely hide them. I find it appropriate for use around where your nose meets your face, around your mouth and over any uneven skin tone that isn’t covered by foundation. It is also a great concealer to use on your lips as a base for lipstick. For out-and-out pimples, I prefer a thicker, more opaque concealer. I’d recommend a pencil style product.

The "magic wand" is available online at The Body Shop.com.au, in stores or through a Body Shop at home party. It retails for $26.95 for 3mL. I know, 3mL sounds small but it’s a misleading number.

I rate this product ★★★★☆, detracting one mark for its reduced affects on pimples and some blemishes. For value for money, I rate this product $$$$$.

Miranda x


  1. Thanks for the review, I'll be sure to pop into the Body SHop and check this out!


  2. Sounds like a great concealer! I can't wait to check it out! xoxoxoo

  3. Thanks ladies. It really has been an invaluable addition to my make up bag!