10 October 2011

Look of the Day brought to you by Style.Com

As I mentioned last week, my laptop was broken. I just got it back today. My brother is travelling abroad so I had his laptop at my disposal, but it's my old one. And I bought a new one for a reason. Specifically; I spilt a Vodka cruiser on it (after consuming a few myself) and it proceeded to act increasingly drunker until I could stand it no longer. The space bar requires bashing to get a space out of it and it randomly turns off for no reason (passes out, presumably). Baby bro has since also pulled the "V" key off and lost it.
This lead me to avoid the laptop and so I spent a lot of time on my iPhone. I just thought I'd do a quick post on one of my favourite apps and a fabulous time-killer. Style.com's app of the same name. It's has most of your favourite Style.com features, bringing you the latest in fashion on the go. Videos, snaps from parties & shows, the style file blog and even something for the boys with the men's fashion features. But by far and away, my favourite function is 'Look of the Day'. I quickly became addicted and compulsively checked throughout the day to see when the next Look of the Day would be up (time difference).

What does Look of the Day entail? 5 ways of wearing a current trend or item are selected. Users scroll through and vote for their favourite. After your make your selection, the tally for the day so far is shown. It's a very cute, fun way of checking out what's hot on the runaway and all the different ways you can wear it.

To download the app, go here. It is available online for those who don't have an iPhone, but in my opinion, it's best used to pass the time when you're on the move.

Miranda x

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