12 October 2011


I was catching up on PRIMPED (I was a bit behind on the times due to a technology issue) when I noticed my own name!

In this post 'What Really Happens At Our PRIMPED David Jones Look Book Events and a Sneak Inside the Legendary Goodie Bag', Eliza summed up the Look Book Events and gave a peek inside the notoriously awesome goodie bags that are given away at the events (as the name of the post suggests in so many words). As part of this post, Eliza also provided a list of beauty blogs that had posted about the Look Book events, and my name made the list!

Anyone who regularly reads this blog will know I am obsessed with PRIMPED!! (Cause I wrote about the site here and here. I also entered the PRIMPED Posse competition, which I briefly mentioned here.) It was an amazing honour to have my name and blog mentioned in an actual post on PRIMPED, let alone being combined with the phrase "Very Excellent Beauty Bloggers"!

And here is the post which started it all: PRIMPED Look Book.

Miranda x

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