28 November 2011

Dangerous Affair

During a brief stint living in London last year, I discovered my now favourite brand of nail polish, Ciaté.

This fabulous brand has been developed by UK-based Charlotte Straughan, a salon owner and manicurist to the celebs turned nail polish guru, with over 10 years experience in the biz. It is clear that Charlotte understands the needs of both professionals and those applying at home and this is manifested in her products.

This shade, Dangerous Affair, is a delicious, deep red wine colour. As a blue based red, it eliminates elements of orange or pink that often clash with skin that has red undertones, like my own pale skin. It’s a more appealing, universally flattering shade of red.

Bottled in a 13.5mL paint pot, I’ve found this polish doesn’t dry out or become gluggy after a few weeks, something that other favourite nail polish varieties can be culprits of. I opened my first bottle of Ciaté over 10 months ago and it’s still as good as new. There is a slight scent of the usual nail polish variety but rest assured it does not linger around. What’s more, all Ciaté polishes are free from the toxins Formaldehyde and Toluene.

Image credit: Het Cosmetica Huis

Each paint pot is thin, rectangular shaped and slightly curved, sitting snugly in the palm of your hand. Combine this with the longer-than-your-average brush handle and you can see why Ciaté is favoured among those who lack dexterity (namely me). Each bottle is adorned with a bow, a cute touch that adds to the uniqueness of Ciaté.

Arguably Ciaté’s best feature is that the colour on the bottle is the colour on your nails. No need for two, three or even four applications before your talons match the described shade. You get Dangerous Affair first time, every time. This can be attributed to the 250 bristle flat brush that tops each paint pot. The brush assists with perfect application and distributes colour evenly.

With a crème texture, this nail lacquer is elegant and versatile, offering full coverage and a high gloss finish. One of the most important criteria when considering high standard polish is the chip factor. Chipped polish is one of my pet hates and I find it very tacky, but Ciaté is commendable in its delivery of long lasting, durable enamel that remains flawless for days. This is particularly important for me, as working in a bar defies an impeccable manicure; perfectly painted nails flake away in a matter of minutes. However, Ciaté is a polish that goes the distance. One to two coats of Dangerous Affair followed by a topcoat, like Ciaté’s Speed Coat or Cutex’s Quick Dry Top Coat, will do you through the night and on till the morn!

Not available in Australian stores, this polish goes for £9 at www.ciate.co.uk. Roughly $14.50 Australian, that’s excellent value for money, coming from the shop-a-holic herself.

I rate this polish ★★★★★
Value for money: $$$$$

Miranda x

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